Fortfield cash - health centre plea

SIR - I am writing in response to the article regarding the Fortfield development site.

I see that the latest application on the former Fortfield Hotel site is now the 31 private apartments and that the managing director of Zero C, Kim Slowe, has indicated that a seven figure sum will be made available ‘towards tourism and affordable housing off site’.

I hope that the East Devon District Council will include The Sidmouth Health Centre potential re-development in the division of this ‘donation’ from Zero C. Our health centre is ranked as the most under-sized in East Devon, 23 out of 23, by the Primary Trust’s own figures.

We have been actively looking to re-develop The Sidmouth Health Centre for the last 10 years and this is becoming more imperative with the additional developments in the town, which, to date, have not been accounted for in a potential re-build.

Our preferred option is for a re-development of both the library and the Health Centre. We would welcome any public support to facilitate such a development.

The Doctor and

The Sidmouth Health Centre.