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SIR - In a recent edition of the Sidmouth Herald (January 28) it was said that the ‘would-be developer’ of the old Fortfield Hotel would be prepared to offer the town �1 million pounds to boost tourism.

However, it was understood the town business people and others would like to see holiday accommodation built on the Hotel site, along with the proposed 48 apartments.

The town surely is correct, for the Hotel used to offer a large number of holiday beds which are now lost and there is undoubtedly a fear of tourism in that important town being reduced, thus adversely affecting the local economy. Nevertheless, the �1 million pounds as a carrot is very generous.

Is it possible for your readers to remind us what Tesco has offered Seaton in the way of compensation for the loss of 500 holiday beds within the old Lyme Bay Village?

If the anticipated developer for the old Fortfield Hotel is prepared to give one million pounds for less than 100 beds, then 500 lost beds at Lyme Bay must be worth well over �6 million pounds.

Like the recent Panorama TV programme suggested, it is wondered whether Seaton has been short-changed. Part of the cost of a Visitor Centre was on offer, but it was not at all clear who was going to pay the running costs.

Like Sidmouth, Seaton needs lots more holiday accommodation, so was that on offer from Tesco?

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Michael Pritchard

Knap Orchard, Musbury