Foul mess indeed

I know that this is a topic that comes up every now and then but I really think that something needs to be done about this now as signs and the odd dog warden are clearly not having any effect.

I spend most of my time with my young family in the Byes, and on the beach and walking back and forth from our home in Sidmouth, and I am continually having to look out and stop my young children from riding their bikes through, or from mistakenly picking up dog poo, thinking it is a pebble on the beach, sitting in it and so on! I, as are many others, am utterly fed up with it spoiling our beaches and parks. I was therefore not at all surprised that after my child had a trip out to the Byes with school that the shoes had dog mess on them as I wasn’t walking two steps in front subtly making sure the path ahead was clean. Why should we have to be confined to the dog-free areas (children’s play park and a fenced off area in the Byes) for us to feel relaxed that our children are playing in a clean place.

I know that it is only a handful of serial offenders and that there are lots of responsible dog owners out there but, until every single person who walks a dog in Sidmouth is taking responsibility for clearing up their dogs mess, something needs to be done. How about a year-round ban of dogs on the beach? Or, a section of the beach and Byes where dogs are allowed off their leads. That way at least we can contain the dog poo to a certain area that we will know not to take our children too. How about inconveniencing the irresponsible dog owners? Just a thought.

The Downs family

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