Fuel crisis: question of consideration

SIR - May I, through your letters, salute the many retired Sidmothians on their lack of self control and consideration relating to the current fuel crisis?

All this rushing to the pumps to top up so that the car that does the weekly shopping, or drives to town or the promenade, has that extra bit of fuel.

The consideration shown for the real workers: the plumbers, builders, electricians and care workers, who can’t earn or pay their mortgage without a vehicle, is up to Sidmouth’s usual high standard yet again. Also, thank goodness for the school holidays as, heaven forbid that the parents might have to walk the children to school in this terrible weather when having cars is so much easier!!

So, my salute to all the selfish grabbers is two fingers. Show more consideration; walk, bus, taxi or regulate and combine your trips out and leave the fuel for those that really need it.

Name and address supplied