Funds for Fred!

SIR - I thought it important that Mr David Blumson knows that the money that Sidmouth in Bloom has raised for Fred the Peacock has not come from any council, but from donations from all over the country, not only Sidmouth residents, but visitors to the area who love the flowers every year.

(I have made a book with all the letters, cards, donations that have been sent to us.

If Mr Blumson would like to come to the coffee morning at the St John’s Ambulance Hall on Saturday, April 30, I would be most happy to show him the folders we produce and the things we work on all year long.

It would be easy to stop and do something for ourselves instead, but we are all passionate about our love for Sidmouth

Joy Seward President /Secretary Sidmouth in Bloom

PS: I don’t like having to pay for “dumping” at Woods Farm either, so please don’t blame Sidmouth in Bloom. .