Gains for town

Sidmouth has an opportunity to save the cliffs at Pennington point, redevelop the Drill Hall and create somewhere for the Jurassic boat trips to visit Sidmouth and have a small development on reclaimed land with somewhere for the gig boat to use all the year round.

How about building a marina using steel caissons in a curve out to sea as used in Brighton, but on a smaller scale, and have an area for visiting leisure boats and a better area for fishing boats.

The lifeboat would have easier access to the sea and, on reclaimed land, build restaurants and shops with an extension from the promenade to give good views of the coast.

This will cost money but with a developer on board and a little imagination this could happen.

All we see now is a coastline slowly moving inland and an unused foreshore full of fallen rocks and soil which is a mess.

What would Sidmouth gain?

More employment and more visitors, especially the boating community with their deep pockets.

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Geoffrey Odell