Garden rhyme!

SIR - A poetic tribute to Sidmouth Garden Centre

May I be bold and ask you to venture,

To this, another garden centre.

Unique and special, a delight to me,

With such care and planning and symmetry,

You may also want to watch:

Nestling well amongst the hills and trees,

Its veranda look-out to delight and please.

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Over a multitude of plants that thrive,

A thoughtful blend that comes alive.

As with the gardener’s thoughtful eyes,

Their shapes trace patterns ‘gainst the skies.

A challenge to all who would plant and grow,

To learn from nurserymen who know.

Whose care has made this place so fitting

And delights me now as I am sitting,

In total comfort as I eat,

With, thanks to them, the day complete.

D R West


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