Get a move on

Further to your article “£100,000 for a Sidbury cycle link?” (Herald, May 24) regarding a cycle track/footpath to Sidbury, possibly funded from section 106 agreements – a levy raised from developers towards local amenities – I would urge the powers to be to get a move on.

Like the A303 improvements there seems to be a lot of promises but no action!

Many parents will not let their children walk or cycle along this route A375 as it is too dangerous, hence more car journeys to work and school.

The new link would help revitalise Sidbury and hopefully prevent the possible demise of our village pub.

I urge them not to wait for someone to be maimed or killed. Action is needed now!

It would also be helpful if EDDC’s new overzealous traffic gestapo got on their bikes and did something about the dangerously parked vehicles in Sidbury, particularly on the bend at Burnt Oak.

Or pehaps they think the road is too dangerous to venture up the valley?

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Andy Webb

(via email)