Get your gloves on

Sidmouth in Bloom (SiB) was surprised to read the leading letter from Mrs Hill who described our planter as “too ridiculous for words” and infers that it is a shame on the town.

SiB is a volunteer group, which has worked extremely hard to beautify and clean up Sidmouth.

The two planters in Woolbrook are similar to others in the town, eg in Church Street.

Woolbrook has had little done regarding planters and when SiB wanted to upgrade the area’s appearance the general reaction was that ‘the vandals will ruin it!’.

Are adults being controlled by vandals?

SiB has, through its own efforts, made the barrel base, found the planter and arranged for it to be erected with its coronation-themed flower display, all from funds raised directly by them.

Without our work there would be no 3D planted sculptures in the Three Corner Plot (eg the fish), no troughs around the car parks, no “Gilbert” or “Fred”, six beds around the town would be full of weeds, Ann’s Memorial Garden would be abandoned and the bedding around the library/medical centre left barren.

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The schools’ bedding at Connaught would not have our involvement and the “Secluded Gardens” opened for the public would cease. The beach garden would be shingle. Already two schools have visited this site for educational purposes.

It is time that the town realises as a whole the huge effort that we make for the town, and the little real financial support we get. Sidmouth can help us keep up our good work by becoming a “Friend” for £12 pa, or buy a ticket and visit the gardens over the next two weekends (£5 per ticket).

We do thank all those people who have paid for sponsorships or hung up baskets this year, and sponsorship signs are presently being put on troughs. We also thank those businesses in Woolbrook who have put up planters or improved their bedding.

If people are so concerned about the lack of care for an area, they could form an ‘In Your Neighbourhood” group and clean up it up.

SiB formed the “Sidcombers” who work twice a month to clean up the beach.

It is time to stop thinking that planting is a waste of time due to vandalism. Bite the bullet, quickly repair damage and report it to police.

It is a well-known, proven fact that beautiful environments improve behaviour and spiritual well-being of citizens. So Mrs Hill, get out your marigolds, clippers and trowels, phone your friends and do something positive as Sidmouth in Bloom has.

The SW in Bloom judges arrive on Monday, July 8, and we want the Woolbrook shopping area looking great. “Spruce up Sidmouth” is on this weekend. Everyone who has time after visiting the open gardens can help. See the posters or contact

Mrs Lynette Talbot,

Coulsdon Rd, Sidmouth