Glenda’s a tonic

Too ill to work on Wednesday, I tuned in to the Parliamentary channel shortly before Glenda Jackson started speaking. What a tonic!

It must be years since I heard such a finely structured, passionately argued speech delivered in the face of bullying stout Parliamentary gentlemen in grey suits attempting to prevent a powerful woman from articulating her deep moral faith.

It was refreshing to hear conviction politics again as Ms Jackson confidently shared her experience of outrage at the spiritual, economic, social and political damage inflicted on the world over the past 30 years by the vicious worldview so cheerfully embodied by the late Margaret Thatcher.

In passing, this inspiring and courageous woman reminded us in her speech of the real role played by real women in really running the country during the past century. And renewed our energy to continue caring for society.

Robert Crick

Glenisla Terrace