Great team work

Underage drinking and antisocial behaviour issues have blighted the town centre for years.

I have despaired that some on the town council have a view that we should accept that urinating, defecating and vomiting against houses, and in shop doorways is ‘part and parcel’ of town centre life — this is a remarkably stale response and one to which I strongly disagree.

However, Sergeant Squires has certainly brought a fresh approach to dealing with these incidents which has included a town centre dispersal order and a suggestion of ‘gating’ the end of this courtyard to discourage unwanted trespass during the ‘problem hours’.

My neighbours and I are certainly fortunate to have had this assistance from Sergeant Squires and his neighbourhood team, Sid Vale Metalcraft, Ian Barlow of Sidmouth Garden Centre and Gerry Moore (EDDC community safety and antisocial behaviour co-ordinator). Their fresh, forward looking approach and generosity, will, I am sure, help to deal with the problems in this part of town.

This is an example of neighbourhood policing and thinking outside of the box at its very best.

Steve Chalkley