Growing numbers

Sir - I read in The Times this week that “people born outside Britain, but living in this country”, reached a record seven million last year.

That is one in eight residents born abroad. In London, one-third of residents were born outside the country and more than 55 per cent of births were to mothers born overseas. A population rise of two million in six years. This takes no account of the number of illegal immigrants also in the country.

Since World War II, there has been an ever-increasing population in our already overcrowded island.

This overcrowding is compounded further by events such as the loss of land due to increasing erosion of large tracts of our coastline and expansion of flood planes.

Where are these extra people to be housed and who is to fund their healthcare, education and multiple benefits, to which they would be entitled?

Where is the room for the extra service and infrastructure? Our grandchildren will be living within a population of over 70 million before they retire; their grandchildren will have even less space.

Urbanisation is already swallowing up our countryside at an alarming rate and developers destroying our diminishing farmland, denying us a vital food supply for all time. This situation is likely to be exacerbated with current changes in the National Planning Framework.

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This does no seem to bother our politicians. One can be sure other countries will restrict immigration if it suits their agenda, irrespective of national undertakings.

Our politicians are unmoved.

Dr D J Davies

“Tredarren”, Boughmore Road,