Gull action was a waste of money

I do find myself agreeing with the letter from Lawrie Brownlee, (Rule of law won’t tackle gulls).

If the law prevents a cull then local government should lobby for change of an unjust law made by the vocal minority while the majority of us suffer the flying vermin. Or take action independently of the Goverment to protect the people of Sidmouth.

I understand it’s the job of the council to waste our money, but this time they excel themselves with the falconer – what a waste.

Most people in Sidmouth could have told them this was never going to work against such an aggressive creature. It’s either a public relations exercise or crass incompetence. In either case the contract with the falconer surley must now be cancelled, as it is a futile waste of money – there are more chicks than ever.

Brian Stains