Gulls not ‘vermin’

May I say how tired I am of seeing seagulls referred to as ‘vermin’?

I would point out that the coastal area is the natural habitat of the seagull – in fact there were probably seagulls in what we call Sidmouth long before there were people. If we choose to live in the seagull’s habitat, then we have no right to complain about them. I do not know if seagulls have a call equivalent in meaning to ‘vermin’ but, if so, they might well use it of us!

Could I encourage those who so dislike this bird to take a fresh look at it? An adult seagull is actually a very handsome creature and in flight, particularly in the evening when they ride the thermals for no apparent reason other than sheer pleasure at being able to do so, they provide a wonderful spectacle.

Some of us like the seagulls. We can see why others find them a nuisance, but ‘vermin’ they are not.

The peace of Christ be with you.

(Rev) David JC Wheeler