Hands off town

SIR - I am writing to express great concern over plans for future development in Sidmouth.

Although any change is drastic, the plans for the Knowle are my utmost worry as I live on the edge of this proposed development. When I moved here I chose this particular property for the architectural qualities and position, and let’s not hear that old clich� you don’t buy the view.

Now there is this massive threat of re-development including a percentage of affordable homes. Yes, everyone has the right to a home, but I would not have purchased this property if it were near affordable homes. So to have the probability that this will be thrust upon my surroundings is an outrage.

In fact, its original purchase price would have been considerably less were this development already in place. Call this prejudice if you wish but if this site goes ahead will it be built with one affordable home with executive dwelling on either side? Also, if there are apartments, is it possible that the top-floor penthouse level will be reserved for affordable homes?

Not a hope in hell, as this would destroy the profits; do you get my point. I see from the site plan a swathe of land from the Station Road entrance to the Knowle, up through the car parks and grounds, the car parks being under the brown field site law.

If you take a closer look, a small section of park land is between the railings and the first car park and the first car park is separated from the second car park by a tract of land with an area of approximately 29m x25m.

The first car park has always been available for out-of-office-hours use by visitors that bring vital revenue to the businesses in Sidmouth as it is a pick point for the hopper bus.

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Down through history tyrants such as those responsible for the proposed plans have imposed their ideas on others for either personal greed or financial gain or both with a complete lack of thought for everyone affected by the outcome.

One thing is sure, that anyone involved in this scheme is not already living in this locality or they would not be pushing for the change.


P Campbell

Balfour Lodge, Station Road, Sidmouth