Have to be in the right time zone

Congratulations to Devon County Council civil enforcement officers who, since the beginning of April 2014, have been responsible for the enforcement of the parking regulations in the streets of Sidmouth.

They have reduced traffic hold-ups in the town, especially in Temple Street where there were often long delays due to the unlawful parking of vehicles for long periods of time.

I fully support the extension of their working hours as, in many cases, the restrictions on parking take effect from 8am, and there are many motorists who take advantage of this time difference and avoid a penalty.

Since East Devon District Council is still responsible for the patrol of car parks, could their enforcement officers start at 8am, as at the present time they start at 9am, yet the restriction on car parking starts well before that time – especially in Temple Street free car park, where the time starts at 8am.

Thank you, DCC civil enforcement officers

David E. Ambrose