Health centre plea

SIR - In response to the letter of the Rev Jean Wadsworth in the Sidmouth Herald of September 23, I would like to clarify several points.

She is ‘ appalled at the cavalier way in which patients needs are dismissed’ referring to the health centre and the car park.

It has been the intention of the doctors, along with patient participation, to rebuild the health centre for the sole purpose of our patients and, in so doing, create facilities which will significantly improve access to the health centre for disabled and infirm patients.

This will involve appropriate automatic doors with, easy access ramps, and 4 - 6 intended specific car spaces for elderly and disabled patients.

The current car park, which is shared jointly by the library, when recently audited, showed that 70% of the cars parking were not the sole purpose of either the library or the health centre, which, in our minds is abused.

It is imperative that the health centre is updated, which will result in changes which, hopefully, the majority of our patients will approve.

Duncan Hall

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