Health plea

SIR - In the mid-1960s, Sidmouth Health Centre was a brand new building with rooms available for all the local medical, nursing and ancillary services. It was the envy of many of the other towns in East Devon.

I was working in Sidmouth at that time as a Health Visitor. Centralisation of the various services greatly facilitated communication between doctors, nurses, health visitors and others, which made for improved patient care.

That was over 40 years ago and now, with a huge increase in the population and advances in medical and technological procedures, the space in the building is totally inadequate for the staff working there. The building is dated and shabby and, compared with those in nearby towns, really old-fashioned.

Surely, it is time that some of the funds made available through the numerous building projects should be allocated for the building of an updated Health Centre. This would ease the problems for our excellent medical services, here in Sidmouth, and would benefit residents of all ages in Sidmouth.

Hilary Ballard (retired Health Visitor)

8 Fortfield Terrace, Sidmouth