Hear our voices

This is a copy of a letter sent to East Devon District Council.

As a Sidmothian, I am very concerned about the planning proposal for the town and AONB.

We do not need an industrial site spanning 12 acres at Sidford. We have one at Alexandria and Cranbrook is only 12 miles away.

I understand the Drill Hall was given to the people of Sidmouth. Therefore, shouldn’t the voices of the residents of the town be listened to? It should be used as a commodity for us and, most importantly, visitors – perhaps as an art centre or indoor area for children.

The Knowle and its lovely grounds should not be used for luxury housing. We will eventually have plenty where the Fortfield Hotel was. What happened to the compensation for the town?

Why is there a need to move EDDC out of Sidmouth? It will affect lots of shops in Sidmouth as many of the employees use these in their lunch hour. Merely repairing the existing building could be far more economical.

My wife and I attended the meeting at Sidford Social Hall and the manor and think that our councillors do a really good job for the town, but EDDC need to listen to the voices of the people of Sidmouth.

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We feel privileged to live in such a beautiful place.

Tony and Stephanie Preston

Primley Mead, Sidmouth