Heaven’s gate?

SIR - I was interested to note Ken Bridgman’s topics for discussion (March 11). One feels that he writes with his ‘tongue in his cheek’, on what he calls awkward areas, and already knows the answers; which, when you take time to study them, are simple.

To take just the first one - “The Kingdom of God”: As predicted by Jesus (Lk 9:27); just eight days later some who were standing there (Peter, John and James) did see the Kingdom in all its glory, when Jesus was transfigured before them (Lk 9:28f).

The Kingdom of God is simply the place where God is King! Where His authority is exercised. Where His Will is done, even as it is in Heaven already!

Jesus said that the Kingdom is near and available to every one of us (Lk.17;21).

To enter it (like the camel unloaded its “wealth” to squeeze through the narrow night gate - “the eye of the needle” (Mt 19:24) -when Jerusalem’s huge city gate was closed); we have to leave our “riches” outside and come “just as we are”, like every other imperfect human. It needs that trusting attitude, so illustrated in the openness of a child (Mk 10:15).

It is not obvious to the outsider (Jn3:3) as earthly kingdoms are; but is steadily growing like a seed buried in the ground (Lk13:19).

But there is also a future universal display of that Kingdom to come; to be seen by every eye (Rev 1:7). Like Peter, John and James in Luke 9, the sovereignty and power of God will be revealed to the whole universe (Rev 12:10).

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No. Jesus didn’t get it wrong! That wonderful prayer of “Thy Kingdom come” is being experienced by billions of people every day in their personal lives and, one day, fulfilled for everyone to see - including Ken and me!

Paul Prosser.

Woolbrook Rise, Sidmouth.