High praise

SIR - It was so heartening to see the letters of praise from visitors to the FolkWeek.

It was, indeed, a wonderful week for visitors and residents alike, even though one letter quoted the “long-suffering residents of Sidmouth”. No! We all loved it, and many thanks to all the people involved in making it such a success.

As for the “annual moaner letter”; I have held back my comments waiting for such a letter this year and it has not materialised. Whoopee! It is about time that the ‘miseries’ learned to love Sidmouth for what it is, and to realise that this wonderful week keeps the town and the businesses alive.

On the subject of wonderful Sidmouth, a comment on the latest article concerning the redevelopment of the Fortfield Hotel site.

It is always obvious from visitors’ letters that people do love Sidmouth. Again, let’s not spoil it. More apartments? I walked past the infamous ‘Swiss Chalet’ apartments late one evening during the festival, and only two lights were showing.

Does this indicate that these apartments are mainly owned by people as holiday homes and are, therefore, only occupied for a few weeks in the year? We don’t want Sidmouth to become another dormitory town.

Congratulations to Mark Seward, Richard Eley and the Chamber of Commerce, et al, for fighting for the retention of a hotel to replace the glorious Fortfield building.

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Perhaps, one day, Mrs. Little might take note before it is too late.

Stephen Jellyman

Littlebrook, Bickwell Valley, Sidmouth