Hoiding a town to ransom?

SIR - Re: Gas Installation in Sidmouth.

I accept that, from time to time, vital service maintenance work is required and that, inevitably, this will cause some disruption to traffic and pedestrians, however, I cannot see how holding a to town ransom for four months is justifiable.

It would appear that the team working on the gas installation, currently active in Salcombe Road, is very small, although, just before Christmas, there was increased activity and the area around the Radway was partially restored.

The closing of Salcombe Road is scheduled to last for four weeks; if the ford is closed, as it has been recently, this results in a long detour for traffic around Sidford to the garage, or to other vital services, which adds several miles to a journey.

Surely, in the 21st Century, it is possible to bring in more specialised equipment and a larger team to finish the work as quickly as possible.

I hope that the reason for this very small maintenance team is not the result of cost-cutting. If this is so, then ask the traders and residents of Sidmouth if they agree with this decision.

Maureen D’Albertanson

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