How regular?

I have just read in your paper for the third time about the Save the Red Lion campaign.

First of all, I was a regular (three times a week) drinker for 40 years in this pub, but as my pint rose to £3.70 I had to say enough is enough. Not the landlord’s fault but the greedy brewers.

I also read that 50-plus people (regulars) went to this meeting. Now, as I say, I class a regular as two or three visits a week, so if 50-plus people used the pub this amount the pub would not be struggling, would it? The truth is you are not regulars, are you?

Yes, there are a few of them that do use the pub and support it and there are some of these 50-plus you only see twice a year after a pantomime.

As for Mr Swire, what nonsense about a strong connection. Hands up how many times he used it. He then says, “Close the pub and there’s nowhere for people to go.”

Rubbish. We have a very good pub down the road that everybody is welcome, but sadly there are too many people who move in to the village and don’t support our pub or club or local shop.

So come on you 50-plus, let’s see you out in the pub and then walk down and support your local club and shop, or just watch your village die.

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B Harvey