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SIR - There have recently been many articles and letters in the Sidmouth Herald regarding the inadequacy of the facilities and size of the Health Centre and various suggestions have been made.

As a resident of Sidmouth and a patient at the health centre, I should be very glad to see the library relocated and the Health Centre re-built on the existing site. This is mainly because it is ideally situated, being in the town centre, and therefore accessible to people who do not drive cars or are disabled and who are not well enough to cope with buses. If the health Centre were relocated, many of us would have to order a taxi; and taxis are very expensive and, as I have found, very often unavailable.

At the Town Council Meeting on May 24, Mr Richard Eley presented a letter explaining that a ‘change of use’ for the site of the Fortfield Hotel would result in other hotels slowly, but inevitably, being sold off for other purposes, thus altering the unique character of the town affecting everyone – business and tourism and the pleasant atmosphere of the old town so loved by residents and visitors.

Indeed, Mr Eley’s arguments were so convincing that, after a healthy debate, the town councillors were unanimous in their decision to oppose a ‘change of use”.

East Devon District Council ought to focus on that.

Any other proposals merely confuse the matter.

Miriam Brown

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