Inspired guess?

May I please apologise for my comments on the mystery picture in the Sidmouth Herald of August 23, 2013, as identified as Sid Vale Dairy at Boswell Farm on September 6, 2013, by a number of people.

My original comments on the authenticity of Sid Vale Dairy writing on the photo were based in the fact of finding errors in photos in books to mix up Peak House, Cotmaton House and Pauntley to make me suspicious of more errors historically. This was added to because I thought hills on the left of the photo were not typical of this Harcombe region.

However, on a further examination of this black and white photo it appears not to be hills but the roof of an adjoining building. I therefore withdraw my comments that this was not Boswell Farm from these points.

However, I do point out that there are no pictures of the Sid Vale Dairy at Boswell Farm at all, so the identification is still an inspired guess.

No one living can actually recall Boswell Farm and accounts of it are from grandparents. Old photos may show doorways and windows or chimneys with ivy as clues.

So Claire Davey may have access to snaps of the time from her father or the families of Mrs Collier and William Collier on Boswell Farm images.

The photo shows the existence of poplar trees behind the house, so if these are still in the Boswell Farm area it is a clue to identification.

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