Intriguing man

Sir Norman Lockyer must be the most distinguished and erudite resident that Sidmouth has ever had; a brilliant astrophysicist, editor and author and the greatest authority on Stonehenge and many other ancient monuments - so we might occasionally remember him.

Sir Norman came to the conclusion that the ancient druids did not worship the sun, the moon or the stars themselves – what they did worship was “the mysterious almighty power” which controlled these cosmic bodies.

This invisible power they called God and God communicated with mankind through messages in the stars which the astronomer priests could understand and relay.

The wise men who came to Jerusalem seeking the child of destiny were almost certainly druid priests of high status, as they were received by King Herod and his court, who obviously believed in them.

After Christ, there were no more astronomer priests and no more messages in the stars.

Sir Norman can still intrigue and fascinate us.

Of course, everyone should know that December 25 is not Christ’s true birthday.

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