Is council cut off from reality?

With reference to the fall of a pine tree branch into the back garden of a house in Woolbrook Park.

I recently attended a council meeting concerning the felling of the trees involved in the above. I was disgusted. It confirmed that Sidmouth is more concerned with tree preservation than life.

Although nobody wants to destroy our natural surroundings or habitat, where does health and safety stand on this issue?

Surely, safety is of prime importance. I challenge each councillor present to think long and hard as to what their attitude would be if this had happened to one of their own families? Would it have been the same or, like us, would they have wanted the trees removed to safeguard their loved ones.

I hope they employ the same strategy when deciding the fate of the trees and wildlife when considering the new council offices, new estates, and new superstores.

I hope nobody else’s life is endangered by the council’s rules and regulations.

Carol Pugsley

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