Is council shirking obligation?

SIR - Does it not fill you with confidence for the future of Sidmouth to know that the new deputy chief executive of EDDC, highly paid of course, is responsible for transformation and systems thinking, developing and measuring corporate business, designing it around the customer and overseeing equalities?

It is a disgrace that residents of Cliff Road are having to fund their own sea defence plan, which should have been dealt with by the council years ago, from their own pockets.

We pay enough council tax for EDDC to have finished with this matter years ago. It shows a complete lack of vision for the future that the council can penny pinch its way out of this one time after time.

While on the subject of EDDC, why is there no understandable conformity to planning decisions? I am sure the committee sits for hours discussing the merits of door colours or shop signs, when they seem unable to reach a consensus on hugely important matters such as the Fortfield Hotel planning application, sea defences, the Alma Bridge etc. All these items are vital to the future well-being of Sidmouth as a whole.

Perhaps we can have a response from our newly-appointed deputy chief executives, as to all our futures here in Sidmouth.

I would also remind everybody to go out and vote next Thursday. It is the only chance you get to have your say on the make-up of the council.

Anthony Bentall

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Bickwell Valley, Sidmouth.