It’s a no-brainer

Sir - Further to the appalling liabilities of the proposed Knowle development, so cogently expressed by Peter Atkinson et al (March 30), how on earth can councillors and planners, elected or paid to serve us, contemplate treating us with such contempt?

We have been blessed with a superb, natural environment, largely unspoiled by efforts of the Sid Valley Association etc, plus the sense and restraint of previous representatives.

However, this gilded inheritance is now threatened by ‘modernisers’ bent on yet more development, already adequately catered for on the outskirts.

They would consider toxifying a community green lung by clogging it with bricks and concrete, and jamming the already sclerotic roadways with more traffic congestion and pollution.

Ironically, in your same issue there is mention of a brilliant plan to make Sidmouth the world’s first civic arboretum.

In words that even the dimmest of modernisers should understand – it’s a no-brainer!

Kevin Warwick

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Otter Reach, Newton Poppleford