It’s high enough


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Responding to Mr Reg Cooper’s letter in the Sidmouth Herald, we have contacted two transport managers of the operator of Kingspan transport and have been informed that their tallest vehicle is within the height limit of our proposed footbridge.

In any event, Sidmouth is in close proximity to a number of freight depots specifically sited for the redistribution of bulky loads to avoid choking small coastal towns.

Potbury’s removers have recently purchased a new vehicle the height of which is significantly below our proposed bridge.

The Fire and Rescue Service vehicle garaged in Sidmouth has a travelling height 10ft 6ins.

The large cranes recently working at Glenside and Fortfield with respectively reaches of 132ft and 157 ft have travelling heights respectively of 12ft 6ins and 14ft 9ins.

As to the reference to the “inevitable diversion notice”, we envisage that the existing sign at the foot of Peak Hill Road be replaced with a suitably worded sign and a similar sign erected at the Pinn Lane Corner.

Given the updating skills of SatNav providers, truck operators/drivers would shortly be aware of the height restriction of a footbridge over Peak Hill Road.

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We continue to be encouraged by the many thousands of residents and visitors who value the nationally renowned, award-winning Connaught Gardens on top of the marl cliffs overlooking the sweep of Lyme Bay.

These afford access to the World Heritage Site Jurassic Coast, the bandstand extensively used for music, theatre and art exhibitions, tea rooms, toilets and last but not least the beaches.

A footbridge, suitable for wheelchairs, would be of great benefit and safe in separating pedestrians from moving traffic.

Presently, if you are wheelchair bound, you are forced to return back into Manor Road, proceed to the corner of Peak Hill Road, negotiate the narrow pavement to the entrance to Peak House, and cross Peak Hill Road avoiding traffic.

If you are a family of young children and a pushchair together with all the paraphernalia for the beach, you are required, firstly, to negotiate 16 stone steps down from the car park, then 42 feet of narrow pavement along to another set of 16 stone steps, on the opposite side of the road, up into the Connaught Gardens.

Brian Black

Vice chairman Sidmouth Millennium Walkway Group