Sunday Times bestselling author from Sidmouth launches latest book

Jane Corry has just launches her latest book

Sidmouth author, Jane Corry has just launched her latest psychological thriller - Credit: Lucy Davies Photography

Highly accomplished Sunday Times best-selling author, and Sidmouth resident, Jane Corry launched her latest psychological thriller, 'The Lies We Tell', published by Penguin, at the end of June. 

To match the triumph of her other five books, which were all top ten Sunday Times bestsellers, her most recently penned book is expected to reach equally lofty heights.

The Lies We Tell is about Sarah and Tom, who have always tried to be good parents. But when their 15 year old son Freddie comes back one winter night and confesses that he has ‘killed someone’, it’s the final straw to their already-shaky marriage. Tom wants to hand Freddie into the police. Sarah is convinced that her son has to be innocent and will do almost anything to keep him safe. Yet Sarah has her own past which is coming back to haunt her. And so, it appears, does Tom….

Jane's latest book is set partly in London and partly in the south west. It explores the tensions that can crop up between parents when raising children. And it also shows that each one of us has a past which can affect the way we behave as adults.

Jane Corry book

Jane's latest book is set in London and the South West - Credit: Lucy Davies Photography

Speaking about what inspired her latest storyline, Jane said: "There were two things. I'm interested in how parents with very different viewpoints in life can be tested when bringing up children, especially during the often challenging teenage years.
"I also learnt to write from a male perspective, which I was slightly apprehensive about, as I'm used to writing from a female point of view. To adapt, I made the male character, Tom, quite geeky to give him a bit of an edge." 

Jane explained that the core of the story questions how far parents would go to protect their children. The book, like Jane's other stories, is an emotionally charged thriller, full of suspense, emotion and clever twists.

Without doubt, Jane Corry is a master storyteller.  Her intelligent and polished storylines leave no questions unanswered, and clever twists are expertly woven into the plot, keeping the reader gripped until the last page. Her writing style ebbs and flows gracefully from one page to the next, making all of her books difficult to put down. 

Local readers will truly appreciate the many references to East Devon in Jane's stories. In fact, her latest novel has a reference to the Regency architecture in an East Devon seaside town!

The Lies We Tell book

The Lies We Tell has just been released - Credit: Lucy Davies Photography

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Jane is a former magazine journalist who spent three years working as a writer-in-residence of a high-security prison for men. This insightful experience helped inspire her to write her best-selling psychological thrillers. Her last five books have been published in more than 35 countries and sold over a million copies. 

Yet, Jane is incredibly humble about her high accolades and is a generous and regular contributor to the East Devon Resident and various local charities, including the Sidmouth Literary Festival.  
Jane said: "I believe in giving back to the community and I love encouraging people to write. It took many years before my first book was published so I'm happy to help others who pursue their dream of getting a book published."
All of Jane's other five books - My Husband's Wife, The Dead Ex, I Looked Away, Blood Sisters and I Made a Mistake - are Sunday Times best-sellers. 

You can order 'The Lies We Tell' from bookshops, including Paragon, Winstone's and Waterstones as well as supermarkets and Amazon.