Jobs not flats

SIR - With a predicted increase in the 70-74 age group of almost 40% by 2021*, Sidmouth does not need another development of luxury apartments aimed at the wealthy retired.

The crucial need is for employment and economic stimulus; therefore, maintaining the Fortfield site for hospitality purposes makes sound social and economic sense.

It could possibly be combined with space for a new health centre.

Despite the doctors’ plea, it is unlikely that EDDC would spend all of Zero C’s reported offer of �1.5 million on affluent Sidmouth, when there are high priorities elsewhere. We should beware of being led by false hopes into a hasty bad planning decision, which would add to the pressure on our health services, rather than relieving them!

*source: Devon C.C. Strategic Intelligence Unit, 2007

Jackie and Tony Green,

23 Cotlands