Landfill question

SIR - You reported that EDDC would not collect any “landfill” items other than those contained in the wheelie bin provided.

Today, I had a notice stuck to the top of my bin after it was emptied, confirming this policy and telling me that, in future, no items left beside the bin would be collected.

I understand the need to reduce the amount going to landfill, however, what goes into our landfill bin is mainly packaging. I cannot control the nature or amount of packaging on goods bought either from a local shop or a distant supplier. What does EDDC expect its residents to do in future? Leave litter in the streets, consume fuel and generate carbon in taking waste to the recycling depot, or what? We pay significant Council Tax, part of which is supposed to pay for waste removal. Doesn’t the Council have a duty to collect waste?

Most of our packaging waste is cardboard. Many packages are labelled “recyclable”, but EDDC will not collect cardboard for recycling. Why not? Other Councils do. Also, why does EDDC not collect garden waste? Again, other Councils do. Biomass is encouraged by national government as a “clean” fuel for power generation. Alternatively, at minimal cost, it could be recycled into compost and sold for garden use.

Why does it seem that EDDC constantly reduces the services it provides, rather than being proactive and helping residents as much as possible? A response from the Knowle would be appreciated. Or am I just whistling in the wind?

Derek Parry

Sheko, Southway, Sidmouth