Leave alone

SIR - It is with growing concern that I see various reports concerning the intention to introduce cattle and horse grazing onto what I always assumed was common land, namely the Fire Beacon Nature Reserve

I am a professional horticulturist with over 40 years’ experience growing trees and shrubs. I have run my own nursery for 27 years.

Heathers are slow, mound-forming shrubs, taking many years to establish. Fire Beacon Hill has an abundance of heath (heathers} which has been established for hundreds of years. I am horrified with the proposal to allow cattle to graze the heath to certain extinction and would urge the authorities to reconsider and let the common remain a common for us all to enjoy.

A common is a place for the people and I have spent many happy hours up at the Beacon, enjoying the flora and fauna, spotting glow worms and night jars on a summer evening. Please let us keep this common place as it is meant to be.

Robert Joy

Rainbow Plants Limited,

Holcombe Lane, Ottery St Mary

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