Leave trees alone

Concerning the article in one of the papers last week about the felling of trees adjacent to the West Hill Road in West Hill, I was horrified.

I was under the impression that farmers are under some constraint, a legal constraint I believe, not to cut hedges between March and July as it’s the nesting season for birds. According to the article ‘no birds’ nests could be seen’.

What a silly argument - birds’ nests are not meant to be seen!

I would have thought that the same constraints which farmers are under about the birds’ nesting season would/ should apply to contractors cutting down trees.

I appreciate that the trees in question are a ‘cash crop’ and not some ancient woodland, but they are nevertheless very, very attractive – particularly at the moment in their spring greens.

In the autumn, if the weather conditions are good they are simply magnificent, so I do hope that the contractors will leave a ‘buffer zone’ to preserve the attractive appearance of the road.

I am also disappointed about the large number of trees which have been cut down elsewhere in West Hill. I really do not understand why people buy houses in such a village, known and loved for its trees, and then promptly chop them down.

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If this continues at the current rate the whole nature of our village will be changed, and we shall just become suburbia. If people want to live in suburbia why don’t they chose a house in Cranbrook?

Unfortunately, much of this is down to the relaxation of planning regulations which leaves local council planning departments with little clout to oppose or stop this destruction.

I do hope that something can be done to stop this desecration before it is all too late, and I hope that the contractors will be mindful of the environmental damage which could be done if the logging goes on during the nesting season.

Jillian L Chave (Mrs)

Potter’s Close, West Hill