Legion is there for every conflict

SIR - I would like to bring to the attention of your readers the function of the Royal British Legion.

The British Legion was formed in 1921 to give assistance to ex-servicemen and women and their dependents. This includes the Second World War and all conflicts since. There has only been one year that our servicemen and women have not been in conflict around the world leading up to this date where our servicemen and women are in conflict in Afghanistan

It has been brought to the notice of some of our members that the Legion only looks after WWI and WWII service personal. I can assure all readers that this is not the case.

Your local Legion Branch will always support all service personnel, the royal charter indicates this also includes ex-servicemen and women not members of the Legion.

Just last week a telephone call was received from the sister of a lady in the valley whose husband had recently died. Within an hour of the phone call being received, contact had been established.

Your local branch of the Royal British Legion is always there to assist servicemen and women and their dependents.

Ninety years ago, in 1921, the Legion was formed and it is impossible to count the amount of help they have given.

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I believe, around the country, there are approximately 54 charities helping service personnel. They all do a splendid job, but the Royal British Legion has, and always will, lead from the front showing how much we care.

Semper Fidelis

Dave O’Connor

Chairman - Sidmouth Branch

The Royal British Legion