Let’s take power!

SIR - About 25 years ago, whilst I was living in Henley-on-Thames, the local council allowed a car park to be built in the back gardens of a few houses, against the wishes of local residents.

The residents were so incensed that they formed the Henley Residents’ Group and registered it as a political party to fight local elections.

They managed a clean sweep of council seats and have held power ever since, working in the interests of local people.

The issue in Henley was minor compared to those we face in Sidmouth - the Knowle, the industrial estate at Sidford and the flooding of Sidmouth if the east cliffs erode much further. Perhaps it is time to form the Sidmouth Residents’ Group to ensure that our representatives on all three councils work for us.

With over 3,000 people supporting SOS and other organisations, and with most councillors elected with only a few hundred votes, there should be no doubt about the outcome.

Is anybody interested?

PS: Existing councillors need not apply.

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Paul Griew

Leader, Cliff Road Action Group


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