Light needed

SIR - Recently we attended a concert in the Ham Marquee as part of Sidmouth FolkWeek. Leaving the Marquee at 11pm, we walked through the car park to catch the bus.

Since it is now the council’s policy to turn the lights out in car parks at 11pm, my husband didn’t see the low brick wall by the swimming pool, tripped and fell over it, and broke his wrist.

The result of this was that we spent most of Saturday night in the A and E department of Wonford Hospital, two operations to set the bones and, to date, six visits to the hospital to attend clinics, with more to come.

Whilst we are in favour of the council saving money where they can, surely turning the car park lights out at 11pm is far too early on a Saturday night, especially as the town was full of visitors at that time.

It would seem that the cost to the NHS of this, and other possible accidents, could far outweigh the savings made by the Council.

Chris Rush (Mrs)

Manor Cottage, Ridgeway, Sidbury