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SIR - I was amazed to read such a sarcastic and mean-spirited e-mail as that from Mr Chippett regarding the PCSOs in Sidmouth.

As a manager of a charity shop in town, I have had many visits from Jay Pepper, either letting me know that pick-pockets were active in the area so that I could warn customers to be extra vigilant, or delivering free lanyards for our more vulnerable customers with which to keep their purses attached to their bags.

Perhaps Mr Chippet would like to know that PCSO Pepper personally caught two men who were trying to pass off forged notes in my shop.

I will never forget the sight of vertically challenged (?)

PCSO Pepper appearing round the corner and into the shop with two burly six footers on either arm after I had called her with a description five minutes earlier.

These two well-known criminals were subsequently arrested and jailed.

Far from being an ‘embarrassment’ these local officers are a well-liked, approachable and comforting addition to our town.

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Quite frankly... it sounds as if this gentleman has a chippet on his shoulder! (Sorry! couldn’t resist!)

Suzie Van De Geyn


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