Look for the facts

Matt Booth (Opinion March 8) accuses me of making tenuous links and opportunistic remarks about the connection between local government and the EU.

Let me be clear that I believe that we, the people of this country, should be governed by those we elect and can dismiss, and who impose taxes on us in the name of democracy.

That is a common sense, practical process for people such as the British who occupy one of the most densely populated countries in the world, and who should be protected by our Constitution and Common Law.

My concern over recent events in regard to East Devon District Council and the planning issues involved are being reflected around the whole country, and it is not just Sidmouth that is “revolting”.

In passing, I must say how delighted I am that SOS and others have been successful in delaying unsuitable development, and how encouraging it is to see the local community exercising restraint and common sense on the council. Long may it last but I fear the enemy will be back, driven by Eric Pickles and his presumption of approval.

However, the fact that the people and bodies such as SOS, CPRE and many others are objecting to National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and its sub-set in the Local Planning Policies, demonstrates that there is something wrong in the planning process, and I have attempted in previous letters to show what that is.

Mr Booth claims that the Regional Spatial Strategies were revoked, but they have merely had a name change and reappeared as NPPF, which is a tactic similar to that used by the EU when the EU Constitution was rejected by Holland and France and later reappeared as the Lisbon Treaty.

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Their offspring, the Local Planning Policies have been branded as a “developers charter” otherwise known as a bonanza in the popular parlance! Current reports in the national press concerning an EDDC councillor indicate that there’s good deal of money available to some of those involved.

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None of this has been explained to the people, either in any mandate or manifesto, and that is why those people get angry when plans are announced to an area without any proper consultation or involvement or knowledge of the original background of the EU Policy on Social Cohesion, and it’s consequences regarding immigration, which I have explained in previous letters.

This is not a “cheap opportunistic shot” nor an example of “scaremongering” as Cllr Diviani earlier claimed , but an honest attempt to explain how and why these events have come about and the direct connection with the EU Policy on Social Cohesion. I hear no argument against this fact but only spurious attacks on UKIP and ranting about the “benefits” of the EU. The fact is that the people have now rumbled what the EU really means right down to Sidmouth planning issues, and they “don’t like it up ‘em” !!

Good luck to SOS and others who take the trouble to get at the facts rather than blindly accept the rhetoric of the likes of Mr Booth.

John Kelly

UKIP East Devon