Magical gem

It seemed the sun summoned the whole world to Sidmouth today.

We joined the throngs on the front and up through the Connaught Gardens where the restaurant was so busy we couldn’t even get a coffee.

It was on our way back to the car we came across this quite magical place just off the Cotmaton Road, where a road goes to some new housing and flats.

Two elderly ladies were tending two woodland gardens either side of the road which they had created out of a bomb site over the last 16 years.

It made Connaught seem stilted and dull.

Paths wound their way among the trees and flowers and at every turn there was something to see such as a quirky sculptures, flower pot people and stuff that brings joy to a child’s heart.

There were seats galore along the gravel paths.

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The two ladies were struggling to clear storm damage where a tree had crashed through a wall but they found the time to give us a conducted tour.

It made our day and as a spectacle beat many NGS gardens we’ve been to for interest and charm.

This one is free. The people of Sidmouth really ought to know about this magical gem in their midst so they can visit and maybe help these two dear ladies out. They deserve it. So we really hope you publish this.

Thanks and we are sorry we never thought to take a photo.

Harry and Ann Hunt

Combe St Nicholas