Make it yearly

just wanted to say how great it was to be racing around Sidmouth last week in the Sid Valley Criterium.

As a born and bred Sidmothian and being accustomed to travelling many hundreds of miles over the years to get to races, what a pleasure to be racing in my own town with a very appreciative crowd.

The organisation was excellent and the home support helped me to a good finish.

So well done to Sid Valley Cycling Club for putting on a first class event. I hope this can become an annual event as everybody I spoke to was full of praise.

The only sour note was when I went to pick up my spare wheels from the pits and found they had been taken by somebody. I was hoping this may be a mistake by somebody thinking they belonged to them.

However, as I have heard nothing regarding their being found or handed in to the organisers, I am not hopeful of seeing them again.

Hopefully somebody will read this and remember seeing them being taken or have some information which could lead to their return.

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Adrian Clode

(via email)