Make vote count

SIR - It appears that East Devon District Council wishes to move and, no doubt, sell the site to developers in spite of most of Sidmouth residents being opposed to a further urbanisation of our historic little town. Should they feel so powerless to stop this constant progression?

All the major political parties know that their ‘faithful’ will vote for their candidate, no matter whom (or even what?). So, the candidates feel that, once they are in, they can ignore the wishes of their voters. In other words, the fault is ours! However, there is something that we can do. We can find out who has gone against our wishes and remember them. At the next election, tell the offending parties that we will not support this candidate and say that they must put up another one or we will vote for an independent candidate who will listen to us. Should this attitude be too much of a shock for the voters’ constitution, they can simply opt to abstain from voting. These people love their position and will not wish to lose them.

Oh, and no preservation orders on any of those magnificent ancient trees? Well, it transpires that it only takes a couple of hours to put up such an order on a tree, as friends of mine have found out to their cost. So, put some up. Unless, of course, it is a definite policy not to do so in order that potential developers will not be discouraged.

Derek Pedder

via email