Massive thanks for finding purse

I would like to say a big thank you to a lovely lady and her husband who found my purse last Tuesday.

I had been in town at a playgroup with my youngest daughter, and then went on to pick up some groceries so the pushchair was loaded with shopping. We returned to our car in the car park and, as any busy mum will tell you, unloading the pushchair is laborious and tricky with a two-year-old and people waiting for your parking space. As always, I did a last look around to make sure I had everything and went home for lunch. An hour later, as I sat eating, I answered a knock on the front door to find a lady holding my purse and driving licence.

I was so taken aback with the kindness of this lady that I regrettably didn’t even ask her name. She had found the purse on the ground in the car park and my address was inside on my driving licence. She had taken the trouble to find our road and also spoken to one of our neighbours before finding me and checking my photo licence before handing it over.

As we now have no police station she said she felt there was no other option but to find me and I am so very grateful to her and would like to publicly thank her. She saved me a lot of worry and time.....a precious commodity with a young family. Thank you, lovely lady.

Tilli Beglin

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