Medical plea

SIR - Do our councillors not use the local health facilities?

During the 15 years which I have lived in Sidmouth, I have found it most strange that this town, which prides itself on generally high standards, has been prepared to tolerate the outdated and shamefully inadequate accommodation in Blackmore Drive for our medical practitioners. Their accommodation has officially been judged the most woefully under-sized in the whole of East Devon.

New housing abounds, bringing a great increase in population, yet it seems that there have been no efforts by any Town, District or County councillor, to put pressure on developers to persuade them to contribute to the desperately-needed provision of twenty-first century buildings for our doctors and their staff!

We should all feel guilty that it has been left to busy Dr Duncan Hall (see last week’s `Opinion’ page in your paper), to put in a plea that a share of the hefty profits made by developers, be used for the overdue redevelopment of the Health Centre and Public Library.

It is high time for patients to mount a campaign for better facilities!

Anne Everest-Phillips

The Old Chancel, Coburg Terrace, Sidmouth