Memories of birthday school

SIR - With St Nicholas School celebrating its 100th birthday (Sidmouth Herald, Friday July 9), I thought it would be nostalgic to send in this photograph of nearly 48 years ago. It shows Mr Payne, the headmaster, who was due to retire and some of the top-form pupils, who were due to leave St Nicholas school in the summer of 1962, for secondary schools in September.

St Nicholas School was then in Vicarage Road, now the site of All Saints School.

In the photograph next to Mr Payne the pupils are: Back row: Joe French, Hilary Stokes, Jean Northcott, Penny Smee (?) and Julie White. In the front row: Lesley Griffiths, Norma Morrish and Susan Webster.

Mrs Norma Cox (nee Morrish)

8 Levana Close, London.