Messy manners

Recently there have been letters in the Opinion page slating dog owners.

I am a responsible dog owner who always carries a poo bag and picks up after my dog. What I witnessed today, Saturday, March 8, shortly before 5 pm made me angry enough to write – which I wouldn’t usually do.

While walking my dog just above Margaret’s meadow two women were walking four dogs. A brown cocker spaniel (I think) but she called it Charlie, crouched and messed near the path. They both stood watching then walked on so I passed a comment about picking it up.

When dogs are banned from public areas because of this sort of behaviour I will know who to thank, them, and people like them. People shouldn’t own a dog if they don’t want to pick up its mess. Come on dog owners, it takes a few seconds, and if I can do it so can the rest of you!

M Harris

Via email