Missing the point

Having been away on holiday I was amazed to see that the Herald, (March 7) had nothing on the front page about EDDC’s recent decision to move from the Knowle to SkyPark!

This is one of the most important things to affect Sidmouth in many years but the story was buried on page 14!

The ongoing sorry tale of this undemocretic and profligate decision making, in a time of extreme financial constraint, is making a mockery of local government in East Devon.

It is the long-term consequence of one party dominating the council over many years and becoming used to getting their own way. This issue needs to be addressed at the next election by voting them out.

L J Cotton

Bennett’s Hill


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EDITOR’S NOTE: Had he not been on holiday, Mr Cotton may have been interested to read our front page story on the SkyPark move on February 7 - the same week the important decision was made. He might have also been pleased to see page 3 coverage on February 28 and the countless prominent stories, and readers’ letters, we have published on the relocation project over the past few years. Our report on March 7 was another important and exclusive development in this saga. We feel no shame in having strong stories throughout our paper - even on page 14.