Monitor needed

I am very sorry that Alison Raw was slapped facially by a detached notice from this board in high winds, but feel it could have happened from any of our town’s noticeboards (“Board is a danger”, Opinion, May 24). Unfortunately, she was just unlucky.

I am delighted by Mr Kendall-Torry’s community spirit in erecting it as, since the demise of the All Saints Road board some years ago, I find it very difficult to erect a poster with so much going on everywhere.

I dislike personal adverts offering services which are ongoing, so our charity efforts spasmodically cannot find space sometimes.

Sadly, there is no one prepared to monitor the boards these days, it’s just a free-for-all, but I’m sure the council will find reasons to force its demise, however much an advantage it must be to this town.

Mrs LF Lever