Moor to think on

Britain in Bloom is to be applauded for its proactive response to the potential desecration of Mutter’s Moor, featured on last week’s front page (Herald, September 20).

The meeting that they organised was balanced, highly informative and included a speaker from the Trail Riders Association, which latter claims to be a well-intentioned and responsible body.

It is clearly, however, spectacularly short-sighted with regard to the potentially catastrophic effects of allowing motorised vehicles ‘legal’ access to so tranquil and fragile a haven of nature and wildlife.

It is said that distance lends enchantment. However, given the (totally understandable) vast and vociferous volume of opposition to the development of Knowle, one can hardly help but wonder whether this meeting might have been rather more impressively attended did it not require binoculars or gimlet vision to appreciate the scenery that lies beyond the net curtain or the garden gate!

Likewise, our elected (so-called) representatives were conspicuous by their absence. Could it be that they were all at the Labour Party conference?

Sue Mills

(via email)